train under snow

Our Vision

Train Train NGO You don’t know how great our country was until you dig into the history of its railways. Once you do this, you will understand what is missing. After the civil war, the Lebanese people became victims of a paralysed country. Not only the railways have stopped functioning but also its history has been left to decay by time. A bunch of Lebanese entrepreneurs gathered on a mission to save the past and build the future of the Lebanese Railways. More than ten years of research and commitment have given credibility and encouraged our team to push forward with our mission.

Meet the Executive Team.

Carlos Naffah



Crisis Management Consultant, Vocational education expert and a Lecturer at several Lebanese universities public and private.

Studied International Education Management at PH Ludwigsburg

Nabil Doumani

Vice President

Joanna Malkoun

Technical Department

Elias Abou Mourad

Technical Department

Elias Maalouf

Founder / Board member