Levant Gate Project

The project consists of a railway  linking Beirut's & Tripoli Ports to Dry Ports in the Bekaa & Akkar

The target of the project is to manage the increasing cargo flows and to create an appropriate transport infrastructure network that would open and serve new regions.

The ultimate objective of the project is to improve the national economy and restore Lebanon’s role in the Levant transit and trade

Railway Turathi Project

A considerable of Lebanon's income is provided by tourism, but still, we lack museums especially those that preserve and reveal the country's modern history. By transforming the train stations, and train factories into one big museum, all the history and beauty of the location can attract thousands of tourists from all over the globe. It could become the biggest train museum in the region. Rayak railway played an essential role in the country's history, just like time played a significant role in the railway's beauty. What's left of the 110 years old railway reminisce its glorious past. In an area which is approximately 170,000 m2 stand hundreds of metal sculptures taking the forms of trains, thousands of tools and equipment which are scattered all over the place, and big old building surrounded with rails. Lots of trees have concurred the area some of which are more than ten meters tall. Also, strange animals have taken refuge in this station like foxes and owls. Some of the trains in Rayak lived more than a century. They are trains that survived the world war one and two. They carried the stories of soldiers with their battles and those of civilians with their journeys and their love stories. There are more than thirty locomotives in the Rayak factory, and approximately two hundred wagons.

All over the railway, we can find hundreds of different kinds of tools that were used at that time. These tools are mostly made of iron and wood. The factory workers used them for the maintenance of the rails and the locomotives. Nowadays after the creation of new mechanical instruments, these tools can be considered antiques and collection items especially since they haven't been used for more than three decades. The buildings located in the railway add a lot of charm to the location. They were designed by French architects who built them in the nineteen-eighties. Scattered all over the site, these buildings served as hotels factories and station. Most of them are still standing and in good condition. Trees and plants have grown all over the site. Some have even increased in a fantastic location, on the buildings, inside the locomotives, and underneath wagons. This has transformed the railway into a natural park, especially with the strange birds and animals inhabiting it. The essential elements are found for the elaboration of the project. What is left is the restoration of the location, to provide a secure and clean setting for its visitors. This would attract tourists from all over the globe.